2.6 Million Households Did The Census Online

A footnote to all our coverage of doing the census online: according to IBM (which managed the IT for the project), just under 30 per cent of households went for the online option, up from 9 per cent in the previous census. It's a shame quite a few forgot to hit submit first time around, but it still suggests we'll all be online in about five censuses or so.


    My analysis as to why ppl didn't click the submit button...


    Only 30%? I expected it to be around the 70% mark..

    i tried to do it online but they gave me an invalid code.

    I would like to know IBM's bill on that one.

    I helped my Grandma do hers on paper and mine on the net. I found the paper version much quicker as I could pen the answer for each person in the household with out rereading the question. On the web I had to re read the question for each of the 4 people in my household.

    I never got the form for the census and apparently someone will come and give me a visit. Pitty i live in a set of units that you can only get to your floor with a key

    I am eleven atheists.

    I couldn't complete my census online as i was not given a complete form number. The person who dropped off the paper work to my house failed to do their job properly.

    I didn't receive any sort of census info...

    no census pack, no knocks on the door, nothing, ZILCH!

    had to go down the post office to collect an online one.

    So when can we vote on parliament decisions online?

    Only because I dont own a pen.

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