Deals: 30 Per Cent Off Domino's Pizza For Census Night

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I dunno about you, but I don't usually associate Census night with pizza. The State of Origin final, maybe, or the NRL grand final, sure. But Census night? Anyway, despite that weirdness, we spotted a pretty tempting deal for 30 per cent off Domino's pizzas online. Now you can stuff your face with a BBQ Meatlovers while you share your personally identifiable data with a government agency.

To save a flat 30 per cent off Domino's traditional pizzas, chicken and prawn pizzas, and "chef's best" pizzas — no Value Range, apparently — you can just use the coupon code 778905 when you buy them online. There's a bunch of restrictions and surcharges for extra toppings and different crusts like you might expect — all the details on the deal are here. Enjoy! [Domino's]


    40 percent off here not sure what the point of this post is :/

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