Quickly Add Screenshots In An Outlook Email

Outlook 2010 has a cool but obscure feature that might save you some time: Insert Screenshot, which lets you quickly create a screen grab and insert it into the body of your email.

Instead of having to first take the screenshot, save it to disk, then insert it as an attachment in your email, you can just use Outlook's Insert menu:

  • Create a new email message and click in the body of the message.
  • Under the Insert tab, click Screenshot. Depending on your ribbon menu setup, this might be a tiny icon — specifically, a little camera icon with a dotted rectangle.
  • From the Screenshot dropdown, click on one of the available windows to insert it. If you don't see a window you want to insert, make sure the program isn't minimised to the taskbar.
  • Alternatively, if you want just a portion of the screen, click on the Screen Clipping button at the bottom of the Screenshot dropdown. This will bring up a crosshair cursor for you to drag around the area of the screen you want to select.

Your selection should then be inserted into your email. Voila!

Got any cool Outlook tips? Let's hear them in the comments.

[via BNET]


    Very cool!

    And here I was taking a screenshot, pasting it into a editing program, cropping it, saving it, attaching it to the email. . .

      And on that. . .
      Any way to do this in Thunderbird?
      I dont mean just pasting a screenshot in, but like Outlook, being able to do a part of the screen rather than the whole thing.
      I dont want to be sending a screenshot of a dual monitor display when I only want to show a program window.

        If you press Alt+Print Screen (Windows though) it will take a screenshot of the active program window only :)

        Then just paste~

    I think Ben's is better...

    the alt+Print scren is quicker...

      It depends what you're after :)

      Sometimes it's good to slice up a screenshot to emphasise a point.

      Note that Windows Vista/7 have a "Snipping Tool" (search for it in the "Start" search) which will let you select an area and copy to clipboard!

    I find the easiest way to do this is to assign the Windows 7 snipping tool a hot key (I use F6), then all you do is hit F6, take your snap and paste it in. Pre Windows 7 the best tool to do this was / is ScreenHunter.

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