• You Need to Extend the ‘Undo Send’ Timer on Your Email

    You Need to Extend the ‘Undo Send’ Timer on Your Email

    “Undo Send” is a godsend. Everyone knows you only catch the most egregious typos and remember the most important attachments immediately after you hit send on an email, so having a button that cancels your outgoing message before it hits someone else’s inbox is essential. But if you’re using your email app as-is, you might be…

  • How To Tag People In An Email

    If you’re emailing multiple people at once, and you need different people to pay attention to different parts, you should tag each of them. Write “@name” for each person or team, and put their names in bold. Ideally, put all these requests in a list, so people can scan down the left for their name.

  • Microsoft’s New-Look Outlook: Everything You Need To Know

    Microsoft may have been one of the first movers when they acquired Hotmail back in the 1990s, eventually renaming it to Outlook.com after a brief diversion to Windows Live. It’s been updated yet again, with Outlook.com switching to a new look this week after a period of testing. Here’s what’s changed?