Is Friday Your Best Night For Sleep?

Is Friday Your Best Night For Sleep?

A recent survey suggests that far from being a night to hit the tiles, for many of us the best thing about Friday night is the chance to get a solid night’s sleep and not have to get up for work in the morning. Which night of the week do you find the most restful?

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A survey of 1,200 Australians by Travelodge found that 37% listed Friday night as the best for getting a solid sleep. Conversely, 40% identified Sunday as the worst, in part because of the looming threat of work. (I feel Saturday night gives me the best sleep, since there’s been a whole day to relax beforehand and I no longer find myself in strange city nightclubs at 3am on a Sunday.)

There are plenty of ways you can enhance your sleep experience, from tweaking your morning wake-up routine to finding your perfect bedtime. But which night gives you the best rest? Are you happily napping seven days a week, or cursing insomnia? Tell us in the comments.



  • As somebody with very poor ‘sleep health’ at the moment (young, healthy, good firm mattress, but wake up with chronic back ache every morning) and somebody who goes into work on most Saturdays but is not required to, I would say probably Saturday night. For the same reasons as you Angus.

  • Definitely Friday and Saturday night. I always oversleep on Sunday mornings and as a result at night I can’t get to sleep till 1am. This usually results in me being a fried egg at work on Monday 🙁

    Worst sleeping nights would have to be Wednesday and Thursday nights, where the lack of sleep from the week usually catches up with me.

  • I work a 45 hour week, and spend nearly 3 hours a day on public transport getting there. Which leaves a solid 2 hours a day to do all my everyday tasks. Friday is definately my catch up sleep day.

  • For sure, I’m normally close to 8 hours each week night with a 10:45pm ish bedtime and getting up at 6:30 – but Friday nights are how I wish I could roll everyday – staying up till about 12:30 and sleeping in till 8:30

  • Definately Saturday night for me…
    I do get a good sleep on Fridays but have generally been out late & get up earlyish to get out & do things on Saturdays

  • Generally Monday night is the best on for me. I always tend to wake up early on a Saturday and sometimes with a headache, though since I bought a new (firm) bed and got rid of the extra pillow (now only have one) I’ve been having this problem less and getting a better sleep overall.

    However, I generally end up going to bed late on a Sunday night and then feeling really tired by the end of Monday when I generally end up going to bed earlier than normal and getting the best night’s sleep.

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