Peek At Your Work Email Sunday Night To Get A Jump On The Week

Peek At Your Work Email Sunday Night To Get A Jump On The Week

Avoiding work stresses are what the weekends are all about. That often means avoiding email. That also means that you get hit with it all at once on Monday morning, though, which is no fun. Checking email on a Sunday night could help you ease into the work week.

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Inc. suggests a brief peek at your email on Sunday night (assuming your work week is Monday through Friday):

Sunday is definitely a day for relaxing, but if you’re often overwhelmed come Monday morning, logging in briefly Sunday evening may help you alleviate some of that Monday mania. You don’t need to make calls or even answer emails — simply assess what your Monday game plan will be, and you’ll sleep a little more soundly.

If you get a lot of voicemail over the weekend, you might check that as well. You’re looking to triage and sort, not solve or respond. Ignore this tip if those emails keep you up, though. This Sunday evening ritual is all about reducing stress, not adding to it. Check out the link for other quick tips

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  • Yep I can handle having a quick look Sunday night. My real problem is the long look Friday night, long look Saturday and long look Sunday! Explain how this “I don’t look at my email on the weekend” thing works ? 🙁

  • Over my dead body will I look at work mail on Sunday evening. One thing worse than being hit on Monday morning with email is spoiling a perfectly good Sunday with stuff that clearly belongs to Monday.

  • Sorry, why am I going to be looking at work related stuff on the weekend?
    Am I getting paid to do this?
    I thought not.

  • If you genuinely want to get a jump start on your week, use that time to decide what you want to do with your week, rather than what other people want you to do. Then on Monday morning, make a start on those things, before you’ve even looked at your email.

    If someone wants to organise an emergency meeting on Monday morning, they’ll have to tell you in person…

  • Not a chance in hell. Some how the world will go along fine without me getting a “jump on” Monday morning.

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