What’s The Best Trick In Your Wake-Up Routine?

What’s The Best Trick In Your Wake-Up Routine?

Putting a bit of thought into how you spend the first few minutes after you wake up can greatly improve motivation and productivity. What are your techniques for owning your morning?Photo by D’Arcy Norman

One favourite trick is to set up a music alarm so that you wake to a great song instead of an angry buzz. The perfect wake-up song should get you moving and be something you won’t get sick of after a week or two. It’s a relatively straightforward process to set up a music alarm via a smartphone app or using your computer.

That’s one trick to make your mornings a little easier to get through, but what ways do you hack your morning routine? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Since I had kids It will be many Years before I can own my morning again. On the plus side, I never need to set an alarm again. Got 3 biological alarms

  • i stick my phone out of reach from my snooze pressing little fingers. by the time i’ve removed myself from bed, scrabbled around in the dark and finally managed to switch the alarm off i’m wide awake. the only thing more inviting then a warm bed at this point is a hot mug of coffee.

    • I do this too.
      On top of that, though, I like to set my alarm an extra 15 minutes earlier so that when I get up and reach for my phone I know to set a timer manually for an extra 15 minute light nap. By the time I have gotten out from underneath my sheets, turned off the alarm and set my 15 minute timer I will have looked at my Android sceen for about 20 or 30 seconds and concentrated enough to not fall back into a deep sleep.
      I can then take a quick nap and get up a little fresher 15 minutes later.

  • Take up smoking. When I used to smoke I had no trouble getting out of bed because I knew my next cigarette wasn’t far away.

    Some healthier options:
    -Use a really annoying sound, like the iPhone “alarm” tone
    -set 3 alarms staggered a few minutes apart, on several different devices placed in different spots around the room. By the time you snooze all three you are well and truly awake.

  • I have a Monday to Friday timer set on my Bedroom TV to turn it onto ABC News 24. This will normally wake me up genitally and I can catch up with whats happened over night as I wake up. A second alarm is set on my phone to make sure I’m awake. I also have set a off timer on the TV to make sure I don’t sit and watch it too much.

    My living room TV also has timers set so that I can transition to it smoothly and so when It turns off I know I need to leave or be late to work.

  • Keep a Drip Coffee Machine with an alarm in your room. Set the alarm on to activate 25’ish min before your phone alarm. I find that the aroma is enough to coax me out of bed…

  • Some might hate this idea, but I eat breakfast in front of my computer, reading my work emails. It means by the time I get to work I’m already in a work frame of mind and faff less when I get there.

  • I have mine set on the song “Well Enough Alone” by Chevelle which starts with a long loud scream. Generally that will snap me out of any sort of sleep to quickly turn it off before I wake others in the house. A few minutes after that it auto turns on the radio.

  • I’ve found myself using the default IRRITATING as hell nokia tune which gets louder and louder. It works, but loathing for my little nokia is mounting

  • I set my alarm 30mins earlier than I need to wake up so I can press snooze 2 or 3 times. The first couple of times I hit snooze with a smile on my face, knowing that I don’t actually need to get up yet.. on the 3rd time, I get my body moving.. wriggling my toes, shaking my legs.. getting the body going.. sometimes I don’t even need the 4th alarm.. but when I do, it’s good to know that I still have plenty of time to get ready for work.

    Probably not the “best practise” but it works for me 🙂 I also like Mondays.. so maybe I am just weird 🙂

  • My android is my alarm, i have it set 15 mins before i need to be up, so if i choose i can have a 10 minute snooze, that gives me either 5 minutes or 15 minutes of reading articals/emails etc, on the small bright screen which forces my eyes to wake up and gets my brain active, a glass of cold water as soon as i’m out of bed then in the shower always fresh as after that.

  • I have an solid morning routine, but basically, i get my things ready the night before, and use my ipod to wake me. The alarm goes off, and then i check emails, feeds and facebook to keep busy while i wake fully. works a charm 😉

  • My kids ‘wake’ me up at 6am every day. At least once every two weeks, one of them jumps on the bed, specifically, the part just above my balls. This wakes me all the way up every time. So, to shake off the morning drowsies, smack yourself in the nads. In fact, I think I might design and build a mallet for this and post it to Instructables…

  • I deliberately use an annoying beeping or buzzing sound for my alarm. I have used music in the past and I end up just laying in bed listening to it instead of getting up.

    I also put my alarm on the other side of the room so I can’t turn it off easily and go back to sleep.

    In the winter I have the heater set on a timer to go off 10 minutes before my alarm so when I get out of bed it is warm.

  • One thing I would advise is never to use a song that you actually like as your alarm sound. I have ruined too many good songs for myself by doing this. The coffee idea is good. I used to do something similar, setting two alarms 10 minutes apart. At the sound of the first alarm I would turn the coffee machine next to my bed on, at the sound of the second, coffee!

  • I get up, turn my xbox on, stroll out (kinda looking like a zombie) and put the coffee on, and wake up by playing a game for 30 minutes, gets my mind going 😛

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