Australia Post And eBay Partner On Flat-Rate Box Postage

Australia Post And eBay Partner On Flat-Rate Box Postage

eBay has been promising cheaper postage options for heavy users as part of its partnership with Australia Post for quite a while now, and it has finally delivered with three flat-rate postage boxes which can be used to send items weighing up to 15kg.

There are three box sizes on offer: small, medium and large. With each, you purchase the box itself from any Australia Post outlet, and then purchase and add a pre-paid postage label via the Click & Send online service. That means you won’t necessarily have to queue to pay for postage, though only the smallest box will actually fit in a street posting box — for the larger items, you’ll still need to lodge over the counter. (That said, using Click & Send is still handy since you can then track your item online.)

The small box (220mm by 160mm by 77mm) costs $1.70 plus $6.50 for postage ($8.20 total). The medium (310mm by 225mm by 102mm) is $2.25 plus $10.50 ($12.75). The large (430mm by 305mm by 140mm) is $3.00 plus $13.25 ($16.25).

There’s a discount for purchasing multiple boxes, which is pretty substantial if you buy a lot (the price of the small box falls from $1.70 to $0.58 if you buy more than 200). However, there’s no postage discount for sending multiple items.

It won’t suit everyone, but it does provide a no-argument way of pricing postage for larger items. For smaller goods (such as a single DVD), you may still be better off with Express Post: that costs $6.40 for a single B4 satchel, which is cheaper than the postage on the smallest flat-rate box.



  • Sounds great! Does anyone know of similar service which offers good rates on international postage? Every quote I get for a 10x10x5cm box (1Kg) seems to be 60-80+ dollars to the UK/US, which is more than the item is even worth! Seems a bit unfair when the reverse trip from only costs a fraction of that amount. (25kg 50x50x50cm box from the US for $50 USPS)

  • Your suggestion to use the B4 Express Satchel instead if incorrect. They are only for Letters & Documents which is clearly stated on the packaging. They dont have the “aviation declaration” to sign like on the 500g and 3kg satchels as they are only meant for PRINTED MATTER which doesn’t need a declaration. Without that all important signed declaration you void the guarantee of next day delivery and may be subject to pay extra postage aswell.

  • For another option on overseas parcel post, check out the international rates for SkippyPost – scroll down to the foot of the home page for the special eBay rates. You can also find them on the eBay Postal Service page.

  • The service would be great if you could use PayPal to pay for the postage. At the moment credit card only, give my credit card number over the internet, not this little black duck

    • not so, you are way safer to use credit card on internet than anything else, especially paypal. read terms and conditions of paypal, its a rort, and read terms of credit card, you will be surprised.

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