eBay Australia Changes Postage Caps To Reflect Higher Costs

eBay Australia Changes Postage Caps To Reflect Higher Costs

eBay has made one of its periodic increases to the maximum postage rates it allows in some categories (notably CDs and DVS). Australia Post increased its charges back in April, so the new rates reflect that, ensuring sellers can charge a vaguely fair price. Most notably, caps have been dropped altogether for books. eBay is also introducing a new fee structure this week. [eBay]


  • Another fee restructuring, jeez.

    I stopped selling on eBay after their last fee restructuring in which they felt it was fair to charge 7.9% of the final sale price. So, sell an item for $600 and eBay thinks their efforts are worth $47.40. It’s practically criminal.

    Since then I make use of GumTree instead, where I can actually sell for free!

    • I’ve found gumtree to be heaps more successful than eBay. I don’t even sell on eBay anymore because of all these stupid rate hikes. I sell more locally anyway.

  • Read about it and weep, John Donahoe …

    In addition to Visa’s V.me, there is now MasterCard’s PayPass digital wallet soon to arrive; another perfectly logical extension to the real banks’ traditional, professional, payment processing systems (and you don’t have to ditch the plastic) …

    Goodbye clunky PreyPal, I can’t say that it has been nice knowing you …

    “When Do We Start Calling eBay A [Failed] Payments Company?”


    And, just for a laugh then, some comment on PayPal’s off-eBay products: “The New Way To Pay In-Store” (at Home Depot), PayPal Here, SmartPay, PayPal Digital Wallet, PayPal Debit MasterCard, PayPal Local and Watch With eBay …


    eBay / PayPal / Donahoe: Dead Men Walking

  • Today I tried to add credit to my SKYPE account via my cashed-up PayPal account (as usual) but could get no further than the ‘please add a card number’ which I don’t have/want.
    PayPal access to my bank account via direct debit so what’s the problem? I AM CONFUSED!!!

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