eBay Promises More Australia Post Deals Soon

eBay Promises More Australia Post Deals Soon

As part of its partnership with Australia Post, eBay offered discount Express Post satchels last year, but the offer was so popular it sold out in a matter of hours. However, eBay says the deal will return later this year.

eBay hasn’t set a date for the deal or announced details, but any option that makes it simpler and cheaper to dispatch goods once you’ve sold them will be welcome. eBay is planning to launch a free listings option in April, and while that doesn’t actually represent particularly good value, it might be a nice excuse to relaunch the discount postage deal.


    • Yeah…I’m wondering if that’s the deal they’re referring to. You can still order 1x500g 3 pack of satchels and 1x3kg 3pack of satchels per week until April. There’s no limit per person, aside from the per week restriction.

    • “Dear eBay Member,

      Thank you for your interest in the limited Flat Rate Satchel offer. Due to high demand, the satchels are temporarily out of stock.
      Click and Send Quick Start Guide

      More satchels are on their way soon, so please keep your eye on this page for more news.


      Where are you able to still get the satchels? All I can find is this message. 🙁

  • I’ve just been scammed on ebay,sold mobil 10th june thought it was paid for,sent it off,postal in america thinks the person would be asked to pay a duty fee seeing’s value is $350, does any one know if that sounds right

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