Australia Post Plans Greater eBay Integration

Useful news if you send a lot of stuff after selling it on eBay: Australia Post is integrating its Click and Send service (which lets you print postage labels, pay for postage and even organise a courier pick up) into eBay's Australian site, it announced in a press release today. A handy choice for when you don't fancy taking advantage of free classifieds option and don't want to queue buying stamps. [Click and Send]


    Click and Send is a great idea


    you send more then 1000 parcels year

    all your parcels are over 500 grams in weight

    and you don't use a mac computer

    while I send several thousand eBay parcels every year Click and Send is useless for me for two of the above reasons

    The major problem with eBay and Australia post is your local post office opening hours. My local post office in Engadine NSW is opening from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. How the person working normal office hours us supposed to collect items bought on eBay?

      Have stuff sent to you at work.

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