Telstra T-Touch Tab Android Tablet Drops Below $140


    One thing I'd note, as an owner of both the T-Touch and My Tab.

    The T-Touch is a very unimpressive piece of hardware, especially the screen. Using it without the stylus is an exercise in frustration. It's also quite buggy, generating lots of exceptions even around basic operations (esp. running market), and has a lot of Telstra "cruft" on the build which leaves little room for extra applications.

    The one saving grace is that it does have an ARMv7 processor, whereas the My Tab - which is better in most ways and can be upgraded to 2.2 - only has an ARMv6.

    And an ARMv6 cannot run Firefox mobile:

    Rather disappointed by this, as the My Tab is a far better piece of hardware otherwise, in my opinion.

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