Ask LH: Why Can’t I Use Instagram On My T-Hub?

Ask LH: Why Can’t I Use Instagram On My T-Hub?

Hey Lifehacker, Why can’t I use the photo-sharing app Instagram on my T-Hub tablet? Thanks, Insta-Annoyed

Dear IA,

Telstra’s original T-Hub didn’t allow extra apps at all. The T-Hub 2 runs on Google’s Android operating system but that doesn’t always guarantee every single app will run — it currently uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is now several generations old. (An Android 4.0 update is supposed to be coming to the device eventually, but Telstra has yet to commit to a definite release date.)

In theory this shouldn’t be a problem for Instagram which requires 2.2 and up, but Telstra’s own software customisations appear to be causing issues. You’re not the first user to notice this problem and unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any obvious workarounds. We’ve contacted Telstra for an official response and will update the article as soon as we hear back. [UPDATE: A Telstra representative proffered the following explanation: “I can confirm that Instagram requires a device to have GPS technology, which the T-Hub 2 does not have. Due to this the Google Play Store prevents it from being downloaded onto T-Hub devices.”]

It’s worth noting that Instagram itself has experienced a pretty lethargic roll-out: the app took about three years to appear on Android and there are still no concrete plans to release a version for Windows Phone or Blackberry. In other words, the prospects of the developers releasing a patch specifically for T-Hub are pretty slim.

That said, the T-Hub’s camera only has a maximum resolution of 1.9-megapixels which isn’t really suitable for a photo sharing application. If you’re more interested in viewing other people’s photos, the web app version should work fine.


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