Telstra Selling Original Galaxy Tab For $408

We thought $599 was a more reasonable price for the Galaxy Tab Android tablet than its original $999 cost, but this is even better: Telstra has the device as an outright buy for $408.

Price reductions were to be expected given the imminent launch of the 10.1v model, which costs $729. However, if you want an Android tablet and aren't hanging out for Honeycomb, the seven-inch model is a good buy, especially compared to the cheaper telco-branded tablets.

Telstra [via OzBargain]


    That is good news but I wonder the reason. Are they making way for some other Android tablets?

      "... imminent launch of the 10.1v model..."

      I don't ^.-

    JB HiFi had them for $360 today - still didn't buy one

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