Standing Desk Built From IKEA Parts

Standing Desk Built From IKEA Parts

While it is possible to buy a ready-made standing desk, many of the best standing desk designs are custom-made. Lifehacker reader Chris put together a straightforward standing desk from assorted IKEA components.

Combining the Expedit $288 cube bookcase and desk attachment combo with a pair of $39.99 Lack shelves used as legs and some basic hardware, Chris created an effective desk and storage combination for under $400. Hit the link for more details of how and why he put it together.

Standing Desk [Kythin’s Rants]


  • I’ve always thought that a standing desk would be a great idea for me gaming.. so I’m not sitting on my ass while playing..

    I did manage to mount a shelf above my treadmil for WOW… but it isn’t something you can do for ever. 😀

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