Use CDs To Help Build An IKEA Standing Desk

We've featured more than one design for an IKEA standing desk in the past, which is no surprise given the ease with which cheap IKEA gear can be hacked. Here's another take on the IKEA standing desk concept, with an added recycling bonus: using CDs to get the perfect height.

Blogger Jason combined the Expedit bookshelf with a Vika desktop to build a desk, but used CDs to set the exact height of the desk. That's a neat idea, given that every person's ideal height will be different. He used newly-purchased CDs, but if you've got old archive discs lying around this is a great way to repurpose them. Hit the post for more instructions.

A Standing Desk [A Geek Dad via IKEA Hackers]


    Man, this would make a great stand for decks w record space storage on the cheap... hmmm

      I use a set of those cubes as a stand for my decks and the cubes fit records perfectly

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