DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

Using a standing desk can bring a lot of benefits, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on one if you shop smart. We’ve highlighted many IKEA standing desk projects over the years: here’s a useful roundup, complete with current Australian pricing for the IKEA parts.

IKEA’s Jerker desk functioned as a standing desk option pretty much out of the box, but unfortunately the Swedish giant no longer manufactures it. But there are plenty of other ways to tweak IKEA gear and get a standing desk.

The bar table option

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

There may not be a standing desk on offer, but the 120cm high $120 Utby table frame has good potential as a standing desk if you’re not super-tall. You just need to pair it with a suitable top; you can buy it as a complete unit with top for $179. Original post [imgclear]

The budget double-decker

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

It makes sense to build storage space under a standing desk, and this design does that by combining a bunch of IKEA components. Take two Vika Amon table tops at $19 each, four Vika Curry legs at $5 each and 4 Ekby Stodis brackets at $2.50 each, and you have an entire desk for $68. Original post [imgclear]

The bookshelf option

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

The really clever part of this design isn’t the use of the $119 Expedit bookshelf and the $39 Vika Amon table top, but the use of stacks of old CDs to set the height. That makes it possible to get the exact height you want. Original post [imgclear]

The bookshelf option with storage

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

For a different take on the Expedit approach, reader Chris combined the $119 Expedit bookcase with the $180 desk attachment and a pair of $39.99 Lack shelves. At just under $380, it’s not the cheapest option, but it does get you all the storage as well. Original post [imgclear]

The filing cabinet option

DIY IKEA Standing Desks For Every Budget

We’ve highlighted a couple of standing desks based on filing cabinets, either pairing them up or resting your keyboard on the top shelf. You could certainly use the $199 Erik filing cabinet for constructing either of these. That said, our inner scrooge wants to point out that this isn’t actually a category where IKEA is the lowest-priced choice, and you’ll likely score a cheaper item at Officeworks. Original post [imgclear]

While you’re at IKEA picking up your desk parts of choice, don’t forget about our top 10 IKEA buys under $10.


  • What im tempted to do is get a VESA arm mount for the monitor, and build a simple platform for keyboard and mouse. So that i can have both a sit and stand desk, when im sitting i can use the keyboard platform or store it out of the way, because sometimes i dont want to work standing up for 12 hours.

    Now if i could switch to sit/stand on a whim id do standing more often.

    Theoretically it should be easy enough to do as well. Just need the money for a good VESA arm and figure out the best approach for the platform (which i think i could do even with my bad track experience of woodwork).

  • I currently use an Expedit (2×4) on its side as a (2x 27″) monitor stand + console stand + games storage, with a Micke desk in front to provide keyboard and mouse space. Works pretty well, and having the Micke not ‘physically’ attached means I can actually reposition it depending on what I’m doing. (That is, I can sit in front of the left monitor, the right monitor, in between both, or remove it completely for a standing option.)

    Next step is to get my speakers mounted on arms so I can quickly move them around as well.

  • I think this IKEA option is a great one for anyone who wants to TRY out a standing desk for a while and see how they like it. I think, though, once you’ve tried the standing desk for a while, you’ll realize that sometimes you DO need to take short sitting breaks. And then what do you do once you’ve converted your only desk into a standing option?
    That’s what happened to me anyway– I converted my desk into something standing and then when I did want to take sitting breaks, I had to move all of my stuff to a different sitting desk and pause what I was working on. Not so convenient.
    Now I use an adjustable height desk, though. I just push a button and if I want to sit, I sit. If I want to stand, I stand. It’s easy.
    I do stand almost all of the day now, but as you’ve probably noticed, there are times when you just need to rest your feet!
    You can see mine here: I love this model– couldn’t recommend it more! (I use the Terra.)
    Thanks for the post guys!

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