Ask LH: Where Can I Buy A Standing Desk?

Ask LH: Where Can I Buy A Standing Desk?

Hi Lifehacker, I spend eight hours a day at my computer and/or in the classroom, and I’m ready to make the switch to a standing desk. I could go DIY, but I’d really like to just buy one. For their popularity, it’s very hard to find one I can simply buy (and assemble, if need be). Although I’m a student and not made of money, I am willing to spend a reasonable amount if the desk is good. Do you know where one can be found? Thanks, Stood Up

Dear Stood Up,

We have featured lots of ways to build a standing desk here at Lifehacker, but you’re right to say that virtually all of them involve an element of DIY. That’s not entirely surprising; you want a standing desk to be at an optimal height for you, which necessarily involves some customisation (unlike a seated desk, where it’s normally the chair height that can be adjusted). DIY desks are also likely to be cheaper, and as a student that might be your best choice.

That’s not to say there aren’t options. Lifehacker’s publisher Seamus purchased a hydraulic standing desk from AME System (the one pictured in this post) and speaks very highly of it. Each one is custom-built so you can fit options you want (he had a bunch of extra power outlets added). That isn’t the cheapest way to do it, but it does get you a desk that can be configured to suit different needs and will last a long time.

I haven’t made the standing desk switch myself, so I don’t want to just fling up a list of links I’ve found in a few minutes’ searching. Instead, I’ll put this out to the readers. If you’ve purchased a standing desk locally and loved (or loathed) it, please tell us in the comments.


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  • I modified a simple frame from a piece of an old PC desk I found at a Second hand shop. Been using it since the first article was posted a month or so ago. It was hard at first, but I stuck with and now I’m trying to find a place to put my office chair. 🙂

  • Try a drafting table/desk – the good ones are all height adjustable and depending how tall you are you might be able to get away with this option. I’m 6ft and have been using a drafting table that I bought about 6 years ago and it adjusts to a comfortable standing height though it is on its last possible adjustment so you wouldn’t want to be any taller for this model.

  • Living in Melbourne, I recently bought mine from Stretch Now located in Surrey Hills.

    At $1600 it was was not cheap, but has electric height adjustment and has a rock-solid construction. They also have “cheaper” models but tend to be a bit wobbly when at standing heights.

    • I picked up one of these a while back to fit a small space at home. Not convinced it’d make a good standing desk – but it is cheap!

  • Standing to work is fantastic and completely overlooked. I almost think it should be a compulsory option for all office (and all seated) workers. There are so many health and productivity benefits with standing – its a no brainer. Working with other standing people is bloody brilliant. A seat is nice late in the afternoon though.

  • To those if you who’ve made the switch to standing desks, do you also have a chair around to sit, when your tired? And how often do you guys take breaks?

  • I went the IKEA route, but found a BKORJUDDEN bar table ($149) which was just about the perfect height, wide enough for a keyboard and mouse, and deep enough for the monitor to sit sufficiently far back. I bought a FRANKLIN bar stool ($30) for when my legs get tired. It’s served me brilliantly for well over a year now, and wa-hay cheaper than ‘official’ standing desks.

  • We can build a desk of any dimension, shape and color using laminate board (18mm, 25mm and 33mm thick).
    This can be built with a laminate board legs or metal legs as required.
    We also can incorporate electric/manual wind up systems to raise/lower the desk as required.

    We have build many stand up desks before and we are happy to assist.

    3D drawings and quotes are free of charge.
    build ETA is approximately 4 weeks (depending on the setup required)

    • Elias
      can you provide or know of anyone that provides a device for raising your computer and keyboard which is placed on top of your existing office desk, rather than a whole new stand up desk. Our employer doesn’t want to modify our workstations but a ‘plinth’ for want of a better description which sits on top of our existing workstations may be the solution.

  • The IKEA option is a good one I believe if you are looking for a standing desk for your home. Definitely the way to go. Cheap and good quality.

    If you want one in an office environment, you need a solution that is more robust: will hide cables, look smart and have a reliable height adjustment mechanism. A poster above mentioned $1,600 for an electric height adjustable desk – that seems way too expensive to me.

    I recently bought this one for just above $1,000 with delivery, I believe not at all unreasonable with electric height adjustment included.

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