Assemble A Standing Desk From IKEA Parts

Assemble A Standing Desk From IKEA Parts

Standing desks have become enormously popular in the past few years as using them relieves back pain and results in a less sedentary workday. Nice commercial standing desks can be expensive, but when we want to put something together that looks nice and performs well at a budget we need look no further than to our friends at IKEA Hackers.

This standing desk project uses the base from an Utby bar table, a Vika Amon table surface, four Capita legs and an Ekby Jarpen shelf for the riser. The best part is that you don’t need to modify anything, all you’re doing is putting the Vika Amon top on the assembled Utby table and attaching the Capita legs to the Ekby Jarpen shelf to use as a monitor riser. You’re looking at around $US215 and an hour’s time to put this together. You can lessen the cost by skipping the Vika Amon and using the brown-black finish that comes with the Utby bar table.

This design is similar to an adjustable Ikea standing desk we covered two years ago, but I think the ease of assembly and the look make this version another solid choice and in the same $US200 price rangel.

Standing desk with Utby legs [IKEA Hackers]


  • If you want to save a bit more cash and have a bit more work bench space do what I did.

    Get the frame from Ikea, but go to Bunnings or another provider and get your surface from there. My desk extends about 30cm further each side of the frame creating a more spacious desktop experience.

    I’ve been standing for a couple years now on this setup and lower body and legs have become stronger and created a much better active work environment. Legs don’t get tired after a while. Sitting down to work now seems bizarre and lazy.

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