Next In The Android Banking Updates Queue: St George

We've complained in the past about NAB, Commonwealth Bank and St George rolling out Android "banking apps" that are little more than glorified bookmarks to a mobile banking site. That's not because cross-platform mobile sites aren't awesome, but because an app should do more. We don't have a St George account to test the service directly, but its latest update to its Android mobile banking app appears to have slightly improved on its previous offering.

The big change in the latest Android release is the ability to store your login details so you can check your balance simply by entering your password. That should make the "have I been paid yet?" monthly or fortnightly checking process a little easier, though it seems the mobile site may well still be involved at some point.

The app is a free download from the Android market.

[via Gizmodo]


    "...That should make the “have I been paid yet?” monthly or fortnightly checking process a little easier..."

    Bank apps should go one further - push notifications of deposits to your mobile device. Now THAT would be awesome!

      Could you imagine how much they would charge for a service like that,considering the outrageous cost of am ATM withdrawal....

        St George do offer this... you can setup SMS and Email alerts for various rules.
        I get emails for almost any transaction on my account and SMS's for money going out... they charge 25c per SMS though. Still piece of mind.

    I can't believe that Westpac still have nothing... nada...

    they are so useless... a guy not associated with Westpac created one, and instead of thanking him and using his work, they gave him a C&D and threatened to sue him.

    That was a year ago... they still have nothing...

    ANZ have one, finally. After a guy created a link to the website and called it an app. Then anz did the same thing... isnt the whole point of an app to store as much data on the device as possible and then just download the latest numbers?

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