St George Releases Android Banking App

Most mobile banking apps in Australia are designed with the iPhone in mind, but here at Lifehacker we're equally enamoured of all things Android. As such, St George's release of an Android banking app is a welcome development.

The Android app offers the features you'd expect: balance checking, bill payments and fund transfers, contact details and a GPS-assisted branch locator. St George is also working on a BlackBerry Torch application for release later this year.

The St George Android app is a free download, available in the Android marketplace. If you're a St George customer and have given it a whirl, share your impressions in the comments.

St George [via ZDNet]


    I'll be honest.. I love my Nexus and I don't do anything too fancy with my banking.. so this is almost enough to make me switch...

    Was very happy to see this, but slightly disappointed in that the mobile banking section of the app is just a shortcut to their mobile banking website. I haven't used any other mobile device banking apps so not sure if this is standard practice though.

    The Contact Us and Branch and ATM locator will come in handy.

    Angus, what's your take on the security of these apps? I'm a bit wary of mobile banking - security vendors have got me fearful of threats on Android (and, I guess, iPhone), especially given the lack of consumer grade malware protection.

    Any idea if BankSA customers can use this?
    (Bank SA is a subsidiary of St. George.)

      Don't think so, unless you can access your account from St George's website? The app is a blatant advertisement portal for St George's products. The actual banking part is done on its mobile banking website.

      I had a look at more apps by St. George and they have a bankSA one. It's practically identical.

    I find the cba mobile banking site fantastic. While not an "app". I just add a shortcut to my desktop and it works just the same.

    Actually BankSA has an adroid app as well.. which by the looks is pretty much the same as the St George counterpart/big brother--look for it in the market

    you would think they would say in their press release what version of android you need for this. I have android 1.5 and its not available to me..

    Man I can't find this app anywhere on the android market place or elsewhere. Can somebody help?

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