Commonwealth Bank Joins Android Mobile Banking Crowd

Banks once acted like an iPhone app equalled a complete mobile strategy, but times are changing. The Commonwealth Bank has rolled out an Android app for its NetBank service, though judging by early user comments it could use some work.

We criticised the NAB and St George Android apps for doing little more than launching a browser pointing to a web banking service, and to judge from the comments on the Android market, CBA has gone down the same route. If you give it a try (we're on the road right now without an Android device), tell us your experience in the comments.

NetBank [Android Market]


    what's the problem with a browser pointing to a web banking service? Isn't that what internet banking is?
    or do you want something else from mobile banking?

    I'm still waiting eagerly for BankWest to do an Android app. Though I think they're yet to release an iPhone app, so it could take some time...

      Bank west launched an iPhone app late last week.

    as far as i understand the iphone app does the same thing (opening a web browser) but it works well so i dont know what the issue is.

    Thank you commbank, I have been waiting for this.

    CBA's regular mobile site is really good anyway. It's clean and simple and offers everything I imagine you need for mobile Internet banking - standard netbanking tasks & ATM and branch locators.

    Not sure exactly why they bothered making this "app". If i wanted a bookmark i'd just set up a bookmark shortcut for the netbank mobile site on the home screen. It all seems a bit pointless as the app doesn't bring anything new there.

    I would be extremely cautious downloading apps named "Commonwealth Bank" app (unless it was directly from the CBA website). It just sounds a little bit phishy if you know what I mean.

    The app is great. An internet shortcut but why does it matter? It is the experience you get on that site that matters. This way the commonwealth bank can deal with a range of devices all having the same experience. Less workload for them is a standardised experience for all users.

      I may be off the mark here, but to me - the appeal of an actual app vs an app which acts like a bookmark; is that an app will already have its template and images preloaded in the phones memory. If you're in a low receiption area (or with Vodafone) - that is extremely helpful, as you're not waiting for the whole website to load, and your connection is freed up to only transmit and receive your actual banking data. Typically when I'm logging onto netbanking, I want the information at my finger tips as quickly as possible, because its usually needed at a time where time is important.

      Thats my 2cents for the matter anyway...

    I agree with both JimKarnage and Michael.

    Mobile site is great, I use it often.

    You'd want to be pretty certain of the source of any banking app.

    Soooo... Just putting it out there... But can we trade bank account?

    The iPhone app redirects to a safari webpage with the following link
    I copied the same link into Android browser and saved icon to home screen and does identical to what iPhone does.
    I can't see what is to be criticised.
    I expect the android app is just a convenient way of doing the same thing that was already possible prior to the app.

      The link the android app sends me to is:

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