NAB Releases Banking App For Android

NAB Releases Banking App For Android

Banks have generally fallen over themselves to release iOS apps, but have taken longer to find some Android love. Now NAB has followed St George to the Android party.

St George's Android offering came in for a lot of criticism from readers for using its existing mobile banking site for actual transactions. NAB's app claims to offer transactional features in its marketplace listing, but as I'm not an NAB customer, I can't check directly. If you do give it a whirl, give us your impressions in the comments.

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  • As comments in the market say, the banking part is just NAB’s mobile internet banking site easily accessible via in the browser.
    You can also find the closest ATM plus current exchange rates.

    • Just as their iPhone app is, it is just a web-wrapper.

      As a NAB customer, I went looking for the app as soon as I was notified it was released… except it wasn’t there. I’m guessing it has made it to A.Market now?

  • I guess it is a start. The web wrapper bit is fine – no point writing the same app for every platform (Web, Android, iOS, Windows7Mobile, Maemo, BlackberryOS, etc).

    I just wish they put some time into making their mobile web app better. It is designed for the most basic mobile (looks like WAP crap). How about some colour? It’s like using 1980’s Internet.

    While i am on a rant, they should add some more SMS/app alerts too. Only Daily/Weekly Account Balance on some account types (not mine) is annoying. St George seems to have better ones ie “Low Balance” or “xxx Funds deposited”.

  • I worked in NAB for a while. The place is full of indians. Lot’s of hands.. little work done, and no innovation. This app could actually be quite good, but just get rid of the cheap labour, get some genuinely smart people and the app could be great.

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