St George Tries Harder With Windows Phone 7 Banking App

We've complained here quite a bit about mobile apps which are nothing more than a pointer to the existing mobile web site. St George's new Windows Phone 7 app doesn't make that mistake, though its feature set is limited to checking balances on your existing accounts.

As Nick at Gizmodo notes, choosing Windows Phone 7 is odd, given that iOS, Android and BlackBerry all have a much larger market share. On the other hand, the tightly-defined interface guidelines for WP7 do mean that the banking app has a good chance of feeling like a native app. If you're a St George customer who has tried it, we're all ears to hear about your experience in the comments. The St George app is a free download for Windows Phone 7 users.

St George Launches Windows Phone 7 ‘Lite’ Banking App [Gizmodo]


    I used to work for these idiots and I'm not surprised they chose Windows 7 Mobile before something that actually made sense to choose.

    Just tried it then, it honestly feel like they whipped it up in 10 minutes. Feels like a slow web app ported to WP7. Useable, and faster than accessing the main online banking site, but definitely need speed/usability improvements.

    People will complain about anything.

    Good little app.

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