Amaysim’s Spacious Office Has A Slot Car Track

Amaysim’s Spacious Office Has A Slot Car Track

In line with its fairly minimalist approach to pricing, mobile phone provider Amaysim has a clean, modern-looking office environment. But lurking amongst the communal meeting areas and natural light is a pleasant distraction: a slot car track.

Amaysim’s Sydney HQ stretches across three floors in the Sydney CBD, housing technical, call centre and sales staff. There’s a proliferation of open meeting areas for discussions, and a surprising amount of natural light given its location amidst skyscrapers. Founder Rolf Hansen is a self-confessed neat freak, and that’s very apparent in his own office space. And then there’s the slot cars: the only improvement I could really suggest is some better cable management.

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  • Must admit I thought the same – looks like a lot of unproductive space / utter lack of people!

    If the bosses office is pic amaysim10, I’d question whether a tidy up happened first 😉

    • When I’m doing featured workspace office posts, I don’t tend to have people in place, so it’s not really fair to judge # of employees based on this shot. (Otherwise you’d conclude that Google and Internode had no employees . . .)

      • Problem is, that some times Google, Internode and a lot of other companies are just that…empty and no employees…..just recordings on telephone

  • I have been to their offices they have a lot of customers and have over 80 people working for them. The picture 10 is one of the small meeting rooms. So think about what your saying first. BTW AMYSIM IS THE BEST !!!!!

  • Feels like a car dealership with lots of nooks to chat up the customers. But I agree with the above commenters, it doesn’t feel ‘lived in’ at all.

  • Yeah nice conveniences, but wait till you try and use their website, it would deter any would be customer to stay with them.
    And the sim cards fall apart due to the dual purpose
    design for ipads and standard mobiles etc.
    And with all other on-sellers using the Optus network, the 3G network is so clogged that amaysim have no control on feed speeds, nice workplace ain’t going to help thier customes surf the net in a modern fast paced world.

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