How Do Amaysim's Flagfall-Free Rates Stack Up?

New SIM-only telephone provider Amaysim offers a no-flagfall, fixed rate mobile service after you purchase its $2 starter pack. How well do its prices measure up against the competition?

Amaysim utilises the Optus network and offers both prepaid and postpaid no-contract deals with the same pricing model: 15 cents per minute for calls, 12 cents each for any-network Australian texts and 5 cents per megabyte for data. It's by no means the first SIM-only provider in Australia (the Everyday Mobile service from Woolworths springs to mind for starters), but the absence of a flagfall distinguishes it from most other options on the market.

Looking at our Planhacker table of call and text rates, Amaysim does come up looking pretty good. There are a handful of other Optus providers offering cheaper text rates (Boost, Crazy John's, Optus itself and Virgin), but no-one else has dumped the flagfall for calls or has a cheaper per-minute rate.

Its charges for international texts (25 cents) and MMS (49 cents) are rather more standard. Voicemail retrieval is 0.15 cents per minute — not free but hardly excessive. The standard expiry period for credit is 90 days regardless of expenditure, which is also handy for light users.

For data rates, it's a bit less clear-cut. While 5 cents per megabyte is reasonable value in the prepaid universe, there are much better deals to be had in postpaid, as our Planhacker comparison of per-megabyte rates demonstrates. There's an option for a 30-day 1GB data pack for $9.90. Data is charged in megabyte increments. Overseas roaming charges for both calls and data are steep (2 cents per kilobyte with a minimum $1.20 charge every time you connect for data). However, that's not uncommon with prepaid plans.

For occasional users who aren't planning to use their phone overseas, the Amaysim rates may well appeal, and calculating costs is easier than with some other recent bargain offerings such as Optus Dollar Days. If you're a heavy phone user, a cap plan of some description will still likely up providing cheaper calls and data overall (as well as, potentially, a subsidised handset).

Like the sound of the Amaysim deal? Wish that option existed on a different network provider? Share your thoughts in the comments.



    The $9.90 1GB data pack sounds pretty good, potentially a good way to get a cheap GB of data if your away from how for a while.

      Hi, in my understanding, the data plan also works for prepaid users, as long you have $9.90 credit on your account left..



    Exetel provides a comparison spreadsheet here
    They haven't updated it to include Amaysim, but a great summariser.

    What other SIM only plans are there with good data?

    I've just been browsing around and this is on par with a lot of the post paid options if you don't make lots of calls or sms's

    Psht. Fantastic value - if you make less than six to twelve minutes of calls per today or less than 9 text messages, otherwise go for an Optus Sim and their dollar days offer - which includes unlimited texting. Designed for very, very, verry light users content with (I imagine, much like Woolworths) the Optus 2G network.

    Looks pretty good, very similar to Woolies Everyday Mobile. One thing I can't seem to find is how much does a recharge cost. I know they last for 90 days, but how much do you spend?

    So is it possible to recharge with like $5 and that will last 90 days? Or if you are user that doesn't require calling people often, $1 per 90 days which gives you at least 6 1min phone calls.

    Death of Big Telcos I suppose. Just signed up :)

      Do you get to keep your existing mobile no. when you sign up or you have to get a new mobile number?

        Yes- You can transfer your existing mobile number.

    About ten years back DingoBlue introduced a 1cent/second service with no flagfall on the Vodafone network. After a while a flagfall was imposed - any bets on Amaysim doing the same?

      if a flagfall comes in, then no contract, change.
      Just signed up,at this moment in time I'm for it.

    Still cant understand why I cant pay for, you know, what I use.

    Similar to fuel, food, drinks, etc.

    Mobile industry is a rort.

      I use savvytel. It cost a little more per call than Amaysim (12.5c per 30 sec call + flagfall) but my credit never runs out (Ever) and I can recharge for as little as $10. So if you want to keep your phone active for just the odd call now and then. This is worth considering. Just take a look at their website

    bit steep saying the mobile industry is a rort.
    hard to compare mobiles with food, drinks, fuel etc as mobile is a service not 'quantifiable'.

    if you want a setup for your mobile that you can pay for what you use, get a Telstra long life prepaid, chuck $100 on it and have 12mths to use the credit.

    where do i buy a sims (penrith)

    I am with a company called Macquarie Telecom and they have been offering a SIM Only prepaid option without flag fall for years with low SMS and call rates and recently data options.
    There is no expiration on using your balance as long as it is active once a year and they use the Vodafone network.
    Never waited any longer then between 30seconds and 2 minutes to speak to someone live if I have had to call them and their call centre is in Sydney and 24x7x365.
    Its was originally for family and friends of people who worked for companies that used them on a corporate level but you don't need to use a referral code anymore.

    Am a bit skeptical of Amaysim since they don't have any track record yet and Optus aren't exactly fixing their network. At least Vodafone are rolling out and expanding a 850 Mhz signal to offer better and more stable coverage similar to NextG.

      I gotta agree with you about Macquarie Telecom. I been using them since March this year and have been impressed.
      Just checked the data rates on Amaysim and they charge in 1MB increments. So if I look at something that uses 27kb of data it comes off at 1MB. Not really for a medium to heavy user. Also their support hours aren't as good.

      I've been with Macquarie for a couple of years and have found the call rate to have dropped by 2c per minute. Glad to see the inclusion of data (need a better phone) and I haven't been plagued with Vodafones problems. I don't know what support is like since I've never needed to call them. Its a pity that the data is a little expensive and espires so quickly unlike the call credit but I guess that is related to how Vodafone handles and bills out data.

      The way Macquarie and other discount companies operate is that they are selling at the basic level rather than dressing it up.

      ie: Macquarie is 20c per minute but you pay for what you use. Other companies you go on a cap and get $150 credit (or marketing value) for your $30 cash and pay 60 to 80c per minute with a flag fall.

      Whilst Amaysim looks good, I won't go with them because calls are charged in 1min increments and credit expires compared to Macquarie.

    can u do 1900 competion numbers with amaysim

      Yes you can. You just need to contact their support desk and arrange to have the restrictions lifted (they are placed on by default).

    You may also like to look at Revolution Telecoms (RevTel). I have been with them for 5 years. 10cents for 30 sec call. 15 cents for text message. But they do charge recharge fee (forget what it is). You have 60 days to use the credit and can recharge from $15.00. When I first signed up they would credit my mobile with $5 on my birthday but it didn't happen this last birthday - boo hoo

    I was with Savvytel and also a Corporate plan through Vodaphone network with calls as low as 4c per 30sec with flagfall of 5c on economy times. I calculated on my last bill that I would have saved $60 using Amaysim instead of corporate plan.

    Savvytel is good, but they are also on the Optus network now, and they charge a flagfall and in 30 second increments.

    To me it is a no brainer, I am in the process of changing to Amaysim. Prior to this there was not one plan that could beat or even come close to my corporate rate.

    am absolutely over vodefone lousy coverage lousy coverage lousy coverage will switch to amaysim have nothing to loose

    Amaysim doesn't warn you that your phone may be inoperable for up to 5 days or even longer if it's during public holidays while you wait for your mobile number to be transferred. I joined 4 days ago and have not been able to make or receive calls since. When I complained to Amaysim that I would complain to the TIO because I had no warning that this would happen, Well Ma'am you just go right ahead and do that" and he also suggested that I use another carrier if I wasn't happy with Amaysim.

      I saw a note to that effect on their website when I was looking into their service, so I knew what to expect (as I recall it said number transfer could take anywhere from two hours to two days depending on who your existing company is and your number would be unusable for this time). I was with Vodafone. My only complaint is they are unclear about when the number transfer period begins - is it from when they receive your order or when you activate it after receiving it? (It seems to be the latter, see below).

      I ordered a SIM and existing number transfer online last Tuesday and received the sim in the mail on Friday. I didn't use my phone for outgoing calls in the interim but I did receive a couple of calls with no issues during that period.

      When I went online and activated the sim on Friday I got another warning, this one said the number transfer was beginning and could take anywhere from three hours to three days and to await an email confirming when it had completed. The email turned up almost immediately (no more than 90 secs later) and the phone was working fine for both incoming and outgoing calls immediately.

    If a Company like Amaysim can undercut the big telco's utilizing their networks (In this case Optus network) Why cant the big telco's like Optus drop the flagfall and lower its rates?? Obviously Optus is still making money on this.... Go figure!!

    You need to do some simple research before making comments like
    "but no-one else has dumped the flagfall for calls or has a cheaper per-minute rate."
    It pretty much makes your article a joke.
    Just prepaid also have no flagfall.

    It seems to me that crazy John and co have to be pushed into lower rates by amaysim.I have just joined,I like the simple no confusion approach of These guys.The big guys in the Telco game r ripping us off ,both in N.Z. and Australia.You only have to look at the calling card rates to see that even mobile to China are between o.5 and 2.9 cents per 30 secs or per minute.GoTalk by the same token hit us 29 cents plus flag fall in aust.There is a problem with them all.It just depends on your personal experienceshow long it takes to find the pitfalls of dealing with these thieves and con artists.I so far are willing to give them a go, even if their rates increase along the way,so far i Have found them to be great.I just am a little apprehensive about the Optus connection and whether Amaysim has bought adequate bandwidth from them.They say the call centre is in Australia by the way.They also gave me a great number.I have had portability of number problems in the past with All of the others in the past so I did not risk it this time.The only thing that counts is the actual min rate if u cosider that it costs about 1.20 for the first minute and 0.76 to 0.80 each min thereafter with the other big telcos.They all claim they are not aware of the others rates when asked.Strange that they are so close to being the same ??The Telco Watchdogs side with them more often than not, when you have a problem by the way.Largely a waste of time in my experience.

    Has anyone compared Lebara with Amaysim?

    Please do not use Amaysim, One day they charge me 49 cent per minutes, then charge me 15 cents a minutes.
    Mobile phone is full of scams, it does not matter prepaid or non prepaid.
    I start using my Yahoo messanger and Skype to get a real deal to make calls international or mobile to mobile.
    Shocking .... I WILL NOT USE AMAYSIM AGAIN !

    yeah im a new recruit to amaysim as a fairly low user an a 3month credit expiry date i was impressed with the 15c a minute charge, but be warned u can not enter any 19 sms competitions, and i like them but they dont tell you that when u sign up. that for me could be a deal breaker, you should be able to use what services u want especially if u prepay. if u like the 19 comps dont join amaysim. cheers

    I have been with Amaysim for almost a month - am told I can log onto my personal page on their website to recharge, check calls etc - Have made approx. a dozen calls to see why I cannot connect - no one can tell me why - each time they state "a ticket has been raised, blah blah blah - am desperate to check my calls as the credit seems to be disappearing very quickly.........hhmmm

    Joined up with amaysim in December last year after nine months of torture on a Telstra plan that provided me with poor reception, appalling customer service and three phones of the same model - Telstra ZTE T9 (in those nine momths) that was supposed to be the you beaut, bees knees tough phone. Now have a cheap phone that works quite well with amaysim. So far I have no problems. Cautious at first, only chose $10 recharge so as to get a feel for them. They operate in Europe and seem to be doing OK. Just hope they keep it simple. Guess time will tell as well as customers if they get a raw deal.

    Amaysim are just amazing, have had it for a month now and could not be happier with the service and drastically reduced cost to what i had previously with Optus. No wonder they have taken Europe by storm dont hold your breath to read about it in your rag called NEWS paper. Some sheeples wont make the move unless the media says its ok, LOL.

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