Amaysim Adds Bigger Data Bundles To Range

Amaysim Adds Bigger Data Bundles To Range

Amaysim’s existing 1GB data bundles for $9.90 are already pretty good value for mobile broadband, but you can go through 1GB quickly if you’re tethering or downloading a lot of content. Amaysim has added three new data bundles to its range: 2.5GB for $19.90, 4GB for $29.90 or 10GB for $99.90.

The 2.5GB and 4GB bundles both have an expiry of 30 days (as does the existing 1GB plan), while the 10GB option has a 365-day expiry. If you use up all the data inside the 30-day expiry period, you can either upgrade to a higher value bundle (which resets the 30-day countdown) or pay the casual access rate of 5 cents a megabyte until the 30 days is up. Data on the plans can be used for tethering and in wi-fi hotspots or dongles, as well as in phones or tablets (including the iPad, as Amaysim’s standard SIM has a punch-out micro-SIM option).

For tablet owners who want a “set and forget” option for use when travelling or away from Wi-Fi (and who are happy with the Optus network which Amaysim uses), the 10GB bundle could be particularly appealing. Optus’ own 12-month expiry deal is more expensive at $130 (though it includes 15GB of data). The 30-day bundles could also be a good option for visitors to Australia who want a data-centric option.


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