Amaysim Adds Bigger Data Bundles To Range

Amaysim's existing 1GB data bundles for $9.90 are already pretty good value for mobile broadband, but you can go through 1GB quickly if you're tethering or downloading a lot of content. Amaysim has added three new data bundles to its range: 2.5GB for $19.90, 4GB for $29.90 or 10GB for $99.90.

The 2.5GB and 4GB bundles both have an expiry of 30 days (as does the existing 1GB plan), while the 10GB option has a 365-day expiry. If you use up all the data inside the 30-day expiry period, you can either upgrade to a higher value bundle (which resets the 30-day countdown) or pay the casual access rate of 5 cents a megabyte until the 30 days is up. Data on the plans can be used for tethering and in wi-fi hotspots or dongles, as well as in phones or tablets (including the iPad, as Amaysim's standard SIM has a punch-out micro-SIM option).

For tablet owners who want a "set and forget" option for use when travelling or away from Wi-Fi (and who are happy with the Optus network which Amaysim uses), the 10GB bundle could be particularly appealing. Optus' own 12-month expiry deal is more expensive at $130 (though it includes 15GB of data). The 30-day bundles could also be a good option for visitors to Australia who want a data-centric option.


    10GB for $100? I'd rather pick up three of the 4GB cards at $30 each.... 12GB for $90. That's right folks, I got an A in maths at school. Cos knowledge is power.

      I got a D in English, though. Didn't check that expiry period. RTFA...

    is the data still calculated per 1mb session?

    $30 for 4GB? It's only $10 more for their unlimited plan which includes unlimited calls/texts etc. and unlimited access to social media sites.

    Or maybe they've chosen this price point so everyone notices that fact and up-buys to their unlimited plan.

    Can't decide if they're being dumb or very clever...

    Just be careful, they have changed it from autorenew if you exceed data use to payment for excess. If you go over it is now $50/gb. This is exactly what others have moved away from as it causes huge unexepted bills.
    Also, they charge in 1mb sessions.

    Always read the fine print!

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