A Table For Four: A Workspace Geared Towards Inspiration

A Table For Four: A Workspace Geared Towards Inspiration

Today’s featured workspace belongs to graphic designer Linda Gavin who has a single, centralised table for her team. While not the immaculately cable-free type of workspace we usually feature, it focuses on something different: easy access to many creative tools.

Highly organised cables and easy access to creative tools are not mutually exclusive, but it seems that many offices do go one way or the other. Gavin’s workspace actually does both if you look around the other side of the table, which is highly organised. All the audio equipment is just a mess of wires in its little corner, where everything else is beautifully designed and organised. All those cables are kind of nice in a way, as it’s clear that things are happening. Organised workspaces are great, but sometimes too much sterility isn’t good when you can have a little bit of messy creative life.

Tour: Graphic Designer Linda Gavin [Herman Miller Lifework via Unplggd]


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