The Single Cord Workspace

We love a good cable management scheme, and today's featured workspace has a great one. Flickr user jahue was inspired by the seemingly cable-free tables at the Apple Store and decide to make his own that has nothing but a power cord exposed.

Jahue accomplished this by building the cable management right into the table. As you can see in the photo on the right, there are two cable areas an an integrated power unit in the middle. The table is already beautiful on its own, but avoiding cable clutter really makes it shine.

DSC_2239 [Flickr]


    This will only work with a Mac that has no peripherals! My work station is a real one, with printer, scanner, plus various external HDD's, light, speakers, etc! Sorry, Fail

      er... who's failed at what? Lifehacker has failed at knowing what your setup is?

      Mon Dieu, Jean-Luc!

        I think the point is that this wont work for most people. If you have at least one USb device hooked up (and who doesn't) that's a second cable.

        I also wanted to minimize, so I ended up with one USB cable going to a hidden hub and the network cable (I rather use a cable for the network when I can, for speed)

        When was the last tine you put together a system with just one wire?

    No you dick, the idea of setting up a system with one cable. You can't do it with a non Mac system, the monitor has to be wired up, so there's three wires to start.

      meant for Olearymo

        we're resorting to things like 'dick' now, are we?


      Maybe you should RTFA and stop being such a douche? The "single cord" in question refers to the power cable running to the desk. Obviously more cables are running to devices on top of the desk even in this setup.

      It's a well designed cable management and UPS system built into an attractive desk. It'll even work for you amazing printer and scanner set-up.

        The headline is "The Single Cord Workspace" hence the reaction, obviously there are other cables, I can see them in the pictures, but the headline doesn't refer to any variables, just single cord.

      Pull your head out your ass, macs are just glorified all in ones. Made by many pc manufacturers, for example.

    Very nice setup, and one I would like to try and emulate some day when I find the time.
    Sadly I think everyone is missing the point of this setup. It is not that there is ONE cable, as in the picture I can see a printer (power/USB), a monitor (video/power), a Mac (power at least), a laptop (power, or u can let it go flat I guess), and what looks to be a digital photo frame (again, power). That is a possible minimum of rougly 7 cables, all needing to draw power from somewhere, so add another cable for the power-strip. But as the article states, the builder wanted to make something that had 'nothing but a power cord exposed', something that 'was inspired by the seemingly cable-free tables at the Apple Store'. In this, I see a success. There are visible holes drilled in the table to allow data cables and whatnot to come up from underneath, so you don't have a cable pulled accross the back of the desk (look at the second image). Nice way to tidy it up, but you will need to be sure of where you want your devices to live.
    This design could be applied to a multitude of systems, not simply all-in-one designs such as offered by Apple and most every other company out there. It wouldnt take much effort to actually build a PC into the area under the table where the power is being managed even.

    That is a lovely solution. There are a couple of drawbacks. 1. If you house a computer under a table like that, heat will build up in that tight space. Not good for your cpu, esp in the tropics.
    2. Cables should be easily extracted when needed. I find that no matter how tidy or neat my cables, inevitably I will need to pull one out or put another in within a couple of weeks of finishing the tidy up job!
    In terms of neatness, the solution pictured above is about as good as anyone is likely to get it.

      Why not just buy more cables then?
      E.g. for a laptop have one PSU for permanent desk wiring, and one for travel.

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