IKEA Just Killed Off The Galant Desk: Here Are Our Favourite Hacks

IKEA Just Killed Off The Galant Desk: Here Are Our Favourite Hacks

IKEA is a cruel and fickle creator. After brutally killing off the Expedit shelf in February, the Swedish furniture mogul has decided to consign the Galant desk to the same fate. Production of the Galant has already ceased, with the desk expected to be completely phased out by October. Like the Expedit, the Galant is one of IKEA’s most popular — and hackable — furniture items. To commemorate its passing, here are a few of our favourite Galant hacks — get one while you still have the chance!

The All IKEA, Cubes-Everywhere Workspace

“The large IKEA Galant desk offers lots of room too to spread out. Keeping all the furniture white in a room with a grey and red colour scheme also adds to the space’s tranquil feel.” More.

The Red-And-Black Home Studio Workspace


“What’s red, black and glossy all over? Today’s featured workspace! HeavenIsDigital IKEA Hacker built this desk out of IKEA parts, including the slide-out keyboard tray large enough to fit both a computer keyboard and a musical keyboard.” More.

Add Plenty Of Storage To Your IKEA Desk With This Clever DIY Hack


“IKEA hacker Stuart liked the IKEA Galant desk but wanted some extra storage, so he took some Rubbermaid wire storage and attached it to the underbelly of the desktop.” More.

The Low, White Workspace


“Who says you have to sit in a chair or stand to be comfortable at your desk? Today’s featured workspace showcases a giant white table that sits low to the ground so the floor can be used as a seat.” More.

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The Clean And Composed Wooden Workspace


“Flickr user Simon Starr highlights the details in this photo, including: an IKEA Galant desk, Signum cable trunking, Ergotron MX LCD arm and Dioder LED lights in the back for some bias lighting.” More.

The Custom Standing Workspace


“IKEA offers a variety of recipes for standing desks. Lifehacker reader meeper3000 decided to employ one to create this highly organised, custom standing workspace made from a variety of parts including a Galant tabletop and frame.” More.

Workspace Inspiration: Embracing The Door-As-Desk Option


“Although the door-as-desk option is often seen as a workspace solution for broke college kids and startup companies, it’s a great way to get a lot of space cheaply and doesn’t have to be drab or cheap looking.” More.


  • Like the expedit, is it being replaced with an almost identical range? Hope so

  • The Galant desks are ugly as hell. The Besta Burs and Linmon series have it all over them.

  • Sadly the bekant series is not designed to be modular as was the galant series. Rounded corners are part of it. But also the different elements of the line (straight desks, corner desks) have different widths so can’t be linked. And no extensions or other supports for modularity. This is a HUGE step back from a leading product to a has been. The bekant is also uglier with its contrasting white/black legs against birch, instead of subtle grey

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