Optus Removing YouTube Freebie For Mobile Users

If you've been watching a lot of YouTube on your Optus-connected mobile, that may not have been reflected in your data usage measurements. That's likely to change from April 17, when Optus will begin including all YouTube access in its calculations, and billing you accordingly.

In a notice on its web site, Optus says that due to a "technical issue" it has not been counting YouTube viewing as part of the data allowance. That technical issue likely stems from an earlier Optus policy which offered free YouTube viewing on postpaid plans as part of its "social bundle". While browsing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace remains free for Optus customers, the YouTube option was removedfor new customers last year, presumably because Optus realised it consumed rather more data than casual status updates on the other sites.

Optus' text message to tell customers of the change didn't perhaps do the best job of explaining the situation:

Any customers accessing YouTube from 17 Apr 2011 onwards will see data charges on Optus bill

As the site makes somewhat clearer, that doesn't mean that YouTube will be charged as a separate service — simply that it will come out of the associated data allowance for the account. That may not be a problem if you're on a postpaid cap with a decent allowance, but could be an issue if you have a prepaid account, where casual data is charged at 1.5 cents/Kb. The bottom line? Save your mobile YouTube viewing for when you're in Wi-Fi range and life will be less stressful. Thanks Trent for the spot!

Update: Optus has clarified that if you signed up to a 'yes Social' plan that originally included free YouTube, that will remain unmetered for the life of your contract. Those plans were on offer from March 2010 to July 2010, so if you signed up around that time, check your details carefully.



    the plan i signed up to has free youtube. im guessing that will stick around?

    So long Optus. Just coming up for plan renewal. I guess Telstra it is.

      Im going as well

        Why? Because you were getting something that you should have been paying for for free?

          As nice as that idea is, the free youtube is often part of the users calculation on what constitutes the best value for them.

          For instance, I spend a LOT of time on the phone to technical support lines which are, inevitably, 13/1300 numbers. This means that I look for a plan that gives free calls to them.

          If you watch a lot of youtube on your phone, then finding a plan which allows you access to this site unmetered is a good idea.

          It is not the consumer's job to decide that Optus not metering YouTube content is a glitch.

            But these plans were never meant to have free access to Youtube. The 'Social' plans, which were meant to have free Youtube, will continue to have free Youtube access.

            ie. The customer decided to choose a plan that did not provide free access to Youtube.


    Optus has clarified that if you signed up to a ‘yes Social’ plan that originally included free YouTube, that will remain unmetered for the life of your contract. <-- This one is not true on my part, im on 'yes Social' but Optus is still being charged my YT usage on my metered internet. I have already made a report about this a couple of weeks ago now, but whenever i checked my usage, all the big chunks of my usage falls on my metered interet.

    Optus is going down......... I got my plan within that time period and Im getting charged now......

    not nice from optus.im think it is time too look for better deals

    Hey guys,
    I have signed with lotus that included free YouTube. But since YouTube is nOt free does that mean I can terminate my contract with optus?

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