Optus Just Smashed 80GB Phone Plan Pricing

Optus Just Smashed 80GB Phone Plan Pricing
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80GB is quite a lot of mobile data to be using in one month. But if you have a keen appetite for YouTube, online gaming, social media and Netflix, those gigabytes add up fast.

Fortunately, 80GB plans are no longer just for obscenely rich people – and Optus currently has one of the best deals in this space that we’ve seen.

For a limited time, Optus is offering its 80GB MyPomo Plus plan for $49.50 per month – a saving of over $5 per month. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text, data-free streaming through Spotify and Google Play Music, and a free subscription to Optus Sport. Not bad, eh?

If 80GB is too much, you can also get the 50GB plan for $40.50 per month; down from $45. Other than the smaller data allotment, this plan comes with all the same inclusions.

Both plans are on a 12-month contract. You can check out the full list of inclusions below. (Click on the ‘Go’ button on our interactive table to learn more.)

Here’s how those plans compare to similar offerings from rival telcos. (Every plan below has a data cap of at least 50GB.)

A data heavy plan isn’t for everyone of course, but if you find yourself regularly churning through 50GB+ of data per month, Optus’ discounted plans are pretty hard to beat. Click here to go to Optus site!

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