Optus Prepaid Data Rates Change From Tomorrow

As we noted last month, from tomorrow Optus' casual data usage charges will fall dramatically, dropping from $1.32/60KB to $1.32/MB. We'd still advise against watching YouTube on your phone at those prices, but it's definitely an improvement. [Optus]


    As you say, $1.32 p/MB is still very very expensive.

      $30 to $40 for a single YouTube clip. This is great value! (someone needs to be fired)

    Shows the top end of Optus have their head in the sand. Maybe they have one of those 70 year old out-of-touch execs who thinks nobody uses data on a phone anymore. Maybe the other companies should mention the millions they make every month from legitimate prepay data customers. Better still, put real brains at the top of Optus.

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