We Want To Know What Lifehacker Readers Use

Last week, we looked at the technology that Lifehacker’s editors and writers use to make the site happen, and that proved to be pretty popular (especially in terms of the Australian staff). One commenter suggested we should run a similar series of posts based on what readers use, which sounded like a fine idea. So we’re now looking for contributions for the new What Readers Use section.

We already cover clever office setups with our Featured Workspace posts and nifty desktop designs with our Featured Desktop series (and we always welcome getting new submissions for those areas). What Readers Use is broader — we want to know what your current selection of machine, accessories, mobile phone and crucial software is, and why you’ve made those choices. The why? question is vital; anyone can make an inventory of what they own, but explaining why it’s proven to be the best choice is useful information for others looking to make similar choices.

To ensure some vestige of structure and stop people writing 10,000-word descriptions, we ask you to cover off the following areas (though you can of course ignore any that don’t apply):

  • The computers you currently use. We don’t need a list of your deceased or in-the-garage machines — just the hardware you actually use regularly.
  • Any essential hardware accessories.
  • Which mobile phone you use and which apps are crucial for getting work done. The numbers suggest lots of you own it, but no, we don’t want to hear about Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja or Xbox Live.
  • The essential software you can’t live without. While we’re big fans of free software here at Lifehacker, it’s always informative to know about stuff that’s so essential it’s worth paying for.
  • Your preferred browser and any vital extensions.

If you’re keen to tell us about your setup and why it makes your life better, email it to us via tips at lifehacker.com.au, along with (preferably) a photo of your equipment and/or a screen grab of your crucial software. The best submissions will feature in future What Readers Use posts. I’m looking forward to reading them!

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