Best Desktop Software Lifehacker Award Winners

Best Desktop Software Lifehacker Award Winners

We’re naming winners all week! Who won the reader and editor awards for best desktop software?

Readers’ Choice: Chrome

Best Desktop Software Lifehacker Award Winners

It’s the browser of choice for one-third of Lifehacker’s readers, so in one way the fact that Chrome won this category is no surprise. But increasingly the point of Chrome is not just that it’s a browser: it’s also the container for our most-used applications, from Gmail to Google Docs to a range of specific web-based apps. There’s still room for improvement — top of my personal list is proper synching for keyword bookmarks — and there’s healthy competition from Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari — but Chrome continues to earn its place in the hearts and minds of Lifehacker readers.

Editor’s Pick: Dropbox

Best Desktop Software Lifehacker Award Winners

I honestly can’t imagine how my working life would function without Dropbox. It earns its keep purely as an automatic backup of my most important work files, puts icing on the cake by making it ludicrously easy to share files with others, and then serves the coffee by making it simple for me to switch between multiple machines. It’s certainly not the only online file storage solution out there, but cross-platform support combined with a set-and-forget approach still make it the one to beat.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! You can still vote in the remaining open categories, and we’ll have more results throughout the week.


  • Really couldn’t agree more with these. My setup over several different computers and OS’s would be a nightmare without the simple reliable syncing of both Chrome and DropBox. Just know when I go to work that all my bookmarks and files will beat me there has freed up a lot of time and effort in my day.

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