Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

It was a good week for break-ins: you wanted to know if Customs could invade your hard drive and how you could break into a suitacase, as well as being rather curious about Team Lifehacker’s own tech habits. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Can Australian Customs Search The Contents Of Your Laptop?
    Dear Lifehacker, I’m flying to Australia next month to take part in an university exchange program, and I was wondering what is the customs officers’ policy regarding laptops and external HDDs arriving through Sydney airport: I’ve heard that in the US airport security can actually check the files in your laptop, and I would like to know if something similar has happened in Australia (I’m mainly concerned about my iTunes Library having some files that were acquired through torrent clients, and stuff like that). Thanks, Privacy Fan
  2. How To Hack Your Brain
    You are not who you think you are. Your personality and identity is significantly more malleable than you realise. With a few simple tricks, you can exploit your brain’s innate functionality to change just about anything about yourself. Here’s how.
  3. Open A Locked Suitcase Without Leaving A Trace
    Whether you’ve lost the key to your own suitcase and need to get it open in a hurry or you’re trying to plant some contraband in your dodgy roommate’s bag, this clever hack has to be seen to be believed.
  4. Ask LH: Are There Any Real Photographer’s Rights In Australia?
    Dear Lifehacker, Today I had my first run-in as an amateur photographer with a security guard at a local shopping centre (taking pictures of the outside). It was pretty tame but it once again got me thinking: is there such a thing as a single unified list of photographer’s rights in Australia?
  5. What We Use: Angus Kidman’s Tech Essentials
    All this week, Lifehacker staff in Australia and the US are sharing the key technology we use to make our lives and this site happen. I’ve got a list of old favourites here, but suspect 2011 is going to bring a lot of changes.
  6. How To Avoid Making A Crappy Resume
    It’s not easy crafting the perfect resume, but it’s definitely easy to screw it up. Here’s what you should avoid when putting together a resume so it doesn’t get filed in the trash.
  7. Could Logitech Actually Sell $300,000 Of Gear In Four Hours?
    Yesterday, Logitech launched a 100% cash back offer on selected products for Australian customers, but within four hours it had shut the deal down, saying that it had already reached the $300,000 limit for the value of the promotion. Is that actually possible? It might sound odd, but the answer is yes.
  8. Skip The ‘Green’ Hard Drives If You’re Trying To Save Power
    There are a lot of “green” hard drives out there, which claim to be low-power, low-noise, low-heat and low-cost. Sadly, they don’t save quite as much power as they claim, and here’s why.
  9. 5 Ways The Android-Powered Google Tablet Is Better Than The iPad
    The iPad is easily the best tablet you can buy right now, but that’s changing. Google showed off their upcoming tablets today, casting a spotlight on the iPad’s shortcomings. Here are the Android features we wish we had on our iPads.
  10. What We Use: Elly Hart’s Tech Essentials
    All this week, Lifehacker staff in Australia and the US are sharing the key technology we use to make our lives and this site happen. As Lifehacker Australia’s night editor, I’ve got a specific but simple hardware and software setup that gets me through each day.

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