Telstra Scores Three Month Exclusive On Xperia Neo

Mobile World Congress this week means a whole bunch of new phone announcements, but the ones that really interest us are those which have actual Australian release plans. Following yesterday's Vodafone plans for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Telstra has locked up a deal on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo.

Telstra has confirmed it has a three-month exclusive on the phone, although in typical detail-free style there's no actual release date or plans beyond "the first half of 2011". The emphasis on this phone is very much on multimedia, with an 8MP camera, HD video camera and built-in HDMI. It's running Android 2.3, which is just as well given Sony Ericsson's somewhat patchy record on Android updates.


    I wouldn't touch a Sony Ericsson phone with a 10 foot pole after the way they treat their customers with their Android updates. I would also strongly recommend that other people avoid them as well (as I tell my friends and family). Perhaps Sony Ericsson should think about that.

    Not every person wants the latest updates. They should have updated the X10 series to 2.2 but at least they did go 2.1 and a minor update after.
    If their 2.3 Xperia Neo is snappy and works well, I'll have no issues. I'm waiting to see who gets the Arc first though.

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