Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Be A Vodafone Exclusive

You might well ask: why does Vodafone keep scoring the good Android deals? No price details yet, but Samsung just announced at its Aussie WMC press launch that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be Vodafone-only at launch in early Q2, as part of a global deal. The same doesn't apply to the Galaxy S2, fortunately.


    that is the saddest news i've heard today
    Vodafone doesnt even have any 3g coverage where i am

      Or hardly anywhere else for that matter. My home's listed as being right on the edge of 3g coverage, but can't even get a single bar of voice.

    Deals going to Vodaphone continue to ensure that the really good Android phones don't get a leg up. I guess this is the ozzy equivalent of the iphone at&t deal. Shame.

    This or the xoom could actually be the first thing that has looked tempting enough for me to lay down my iPad. I am not pro-apple, I am just pro-tablets, they make so much sense for media consumption. However, if they are 1% less snappy or intuitive, if it takes longer to open an app, if it is more difficult to load content from a PC etc, they will not succeed, so please don't disappoint.

    This is sad indeed. I lumbered myself with a two year contract for the original Galaxy Tab which within three months has been made a legacy device with no hope of ever seeing a decent tablet optimised version of Android AND I've got 10Gb a month of data which Vodafone have no hope of delivering on their crummy network. Luckily I have my Apple gear on Telstra which is a pain free experience...

      If the network isn't delivering, contact the TIO.

    Is it the lack of NextG support which means that Voda seem to get an inside track on these droid devices? I would love a DesireHD but not at the cost of switching to Voda.

      Not in the case of the Tab 10.1 - looking at the specs it would be an ideal NextG device.

    Just another step towards me always purchasing outright...

    Are there any details of the length of "exclusivity" with Vodafone? I remember when the Galaxy S came out, it was exclusive with Optus for only 1 month.

      No comment from Samsung at the launch - but as it's a global deal, I suspect it might run longer than the Optus/Tab deal did.

    I just finished having a look at the Galaxy 10.1 tab, I'm pretty impressed with it, though haven't got the money to fork out for one, and I'm certainly not going into a contract with voda to acquire one either, I'll buy it outright.

    re: exclusivity of the Tab I spoke to one of the Vodafone folk demo'ing the Tab and they are saying it will be for the lifetime of the tablet, it would be best to check that from official sources though.

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