Xperia Getting An Android Upgrade, Of Sorts

Xperia Getting An Android Upgrade, Of Sorts

Sony Ericsson sent out an announcement this morning proclaiming that its X10, X10 mini and x10 mini pro handsets are all getting an over-the-air upgrade to a newer Android version, as well as some manufacturer enhancements you can download for yourself. That sounds great, but as always the devil is in the detail.

Firstly, the upgrade is only to Android 2.1, not the more recent 2.2 Froyo release. While any move forward is welcome, if you’re going to go to that effort why not go the whole hog? After all, 2.3 isn’t that far away by most accounts.

Secondly, while the press release proclaims that the upgrade is ” being rolled out now”, there’s a footnote which contains the usual annoying disclaimer:

Exact timings might vary slightly due to operator testing periods.

In this context, “slightly” could well mean “any time in the next six months”. If you do see an upgrade for your X10 coming through, tell us in the comments.


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