Commonwealth Bank Expands Mobile Apps, Adds Tablet Site

The Commonwealth Bank rolled out its long-anticipated iPad app today, but there's also a bunch of other mobile banking goodies on offer: new versions of its iPhone and Android apps, a Windows Phone 7 app, a tablet-optimised mobile site and the promise of additional platforms in the future.

Whichever platform you choose, you will end up in a browser-based system for transactions. That's the same stance the Commonwealth has taken in earlier discussions of the issue of native apps versus mobile browsers, and its argument remains the same: using a browser means updates are easier and platforms without an app also get some support. As chief marketing and online officer Andy Lark explained at the press launch for the new releases:

Our intent is to build platforms across the way the live their lives, not just develop a one-size fits all model where you have to use an app. We'll have HTML5 as well as native apps. We think both strategies have an equal play.

Larkin also explained how Windows Phone 7 had jumped forward in the development queue ahead of more widely used mobile OSes such as BlackBerry and Symbian, promising that there would be versions addressing those platforms in the future:

On our radar, Windows Phone 7 is very small at the moment but we're able to extend our reach by offering another device. We're certainly looking at all devices on our roadmap. The opportunity came up to work with the WP7 guys through our Microsoft partnership, so we rook it. Long-term we want to be device agnostic.

The tablet apps draw on a special, tablet-optimised version of the site. That can also be accessed on other tablet devices such as the PlayBook.)

The Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 apps incorporate a native foreign exchange calculator and an ATM locator, and the revised iOS app also includes the existing AR-enhanced property guide. If you give the new apps a spin on any platform, tell us your thoughts in the comments.


    5 bars with Vodafone... dreaming.

    Ahhh so thats why they put my interest rates up the lousy FU#$%.

    any clue on when the WP7 app will be available? just checked in Zune marketplace and there are no search results for "Commonwealth Bank", "CBA", "Netbank", etc.

    Yay for Windows 7 - when is it on the marketplace?

      Conflicting word today -- in the briefing, they said it was out, in the press release it says July 14. And my WP7 device refuses to connect to Marketplace at all today so I haven't been able to double-check! But based on these comments, July 14 looks likely.

    They have confirmed a "couple of days" on Twitter today for the WP7 App.


    Sheeds. (WP7 dedicated Aussie site)

    Looking good. Can't wait to give this a go.

    No love for bankwest customers? CBA are hopeless.

    Much, much better CBA.

    I was hoping they'd get rid of the instance where if you want to check your balance, it would just open up a new safari window. That bugged me so much.

    Now I can just check my balance without having to wait for safari to open, and then for the information to load.

    Seems like they read all those comments on the app store about that particular issue.

    great. whats the point of an app when a bookmark to the browser page on the homescreen does the exact same job, and doesnt take up as much space?

    It's in WP7 Marketplace under "Commbank". And it's awesome!

      Cheers - searched "commonwealth" and "bank" and it didn't show.

    My concern with apps like this is that you have no way of verifying who the author is.

    Last time I looked there were many apps that looked like the real thing but clearly were not.

    If the bank or the market had a way to authenticate the author I'd be much more interested.

    Right now you have no way of knowing if the app you're downloading sniffs your info and helps itself to your money.

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