Commonwealth Bank’s Tablet App Update Hits Android First

Commonwealth Bank’s Tablet App Update Hits Android First

The Commonwealth Bank has unveiled its new tablet-based banking app for Android users. iOS user? You’ll have to wait a while.

The uniformity of the iOS experience is usually cited as the reason why many tablet apps hit the iPad ecosystem first, but not in this case. The Commbank App For Tablet handles the basics of banking, as you’d expect, with the tablet-specific features being touted as a portfolio view to show you your complete list of assets and liabilities, a savings tracker tab and a running balance view for a snapshot of your closing balance over the last 35 days.

It’s available now for Android via Google Play. If you’re an iPad user, the Commonwealth Bank states that the iOS app is currently in “pilot” ahead of full deployment, which could mean just about any kind of wait before it’s released to the iOS app store.


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