Sony Not Planning Froyo Upgrades For Xperia

Sony Not Planning Froyo Upgrades For Xperia

We love it when Android phones get updated to Froyo, and it’s a nuisance when they don’t. But Nick over at Gizmodo reports that there’s no prospect of any action when it comes to Sony’s current Xperia models.

As Nick details, Sony argues that its own manufacturer enhancements and a relatively recent shift to 2.1 mean that there’s no benefits to be had from 2.2. (Hello, apps on the SD card anyone?) I suspect Xperia owners with this dilemma will have already gone down the rooting path, but it’s perhaps something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of a new phone. Hit Nick’s story for all the gory details.

Your Current Xperia Phone Won’t Be Getting Froyo. Ever. [Gizmodo]


  • I would probably buy the new Arc if if werent for Sony’s dismal performace supporting xperia phones.

    Way to go Sony, you SUCK. Treating customers like idiots (actually 2.2 IS better than 2.1, its not even arguable that users wouldnt want access to the latest version)is not the way to garner customer loyalty.

    The only way to teach Sony a lesson is to NOT buy any of their new phones.

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