What Should We Ask iView’s Multiplatform Guru?

What Should We Ask iView’s Multiplatform Guru?

The ABC’s iView service is one of our favourite web apps, and it’s already accessible on PS3s, iPads and various other streaming devices. Later this week, we’ll be chatting with the ABC’s head of multiplatform Arul Baskaran about future directions for iView, and we want to know what you think we should be asking.

There’s some obvious areas to explore — Android clients, whether ABC News 24 can ever be unmetered, what the impact of the NBN will be — but we’re sure Lifehacker readers have other ideas as well. Throw your questions and thoughts in the comments and we’ll get them covered off, direct from the ABC.


  • I’d like to see an API that allows other developers to be a bit creative with it. For example, if there was a proper API it’s likely the Boxee iView app wouldn’t break so often.

  • Hi, I can’t see the iView app in the AppStore, don’t think it is live yet. So please ask when it will be. Also interested in Android version (would be ace on Samsung Galaxy Tab). Final question, are there any plans to make it more user friendly on PS3 PlayTV? V. Hard to find program you want, lots of fiddling around. Interface terrible. Thanks. Also please tell him iView is the best thing to happen in TV since colour 😉

    • Yes, please make the gratitude well known ^.^

      Though I heard something about iView on the PS3 getting better integration, buttons for play/pause etc. Can you ask if this is happening/when it’s likely to come out? Much appreciated 🙂

  • Are they going to improve the PS3 version? Right now it seems like a webpage that’s been given it’s on icon on the XMB. And the video quality is awful on it, it’s fine when watching postage stamp size video on your PC, but when scaled up to a 50″ TV it becomes unwatchable.

  • I’d like to see the ABC app (iPhone) be able to cache a show (or two or three) so I can watch shows on the bus, without it eating my 3G data

    (ie if you start watching a show in wifi, and then walk out of range, it will start using the 3G connection, which is explicitly doesn’y allow you to do if you try to start a show out of a wifi zone)

  • I’d love to know how the ABC, with seemingly fewer resources, has managed to create a web portal leaps and bounds ahead of the commercial networks?

    Do they have different licensing agreements? Or does it have something to do with not having ads on the ABC?

  • A download option so that:
    1. I can watch a program without stuttering, pauses, picture breakup & general unwatchability on my lousy internet connection.
    2. The whole family can watch together as intended on my HDTV via PVR rather than one person peering at small laptop screen.

    • Here is the reason for why the ABC doesn’t allow downloading of it’s programs:

      “ABC pays the owners of our content extra licensing fees to allow for it to be shown for at least 14 days online via iView. Streaming rights with the ABC are limited by a number of legal or business agreements that differ from program to program. A program must expire for many reasons, including music rights management, impending DVD sales and syndication deals. ABC is keen to support those content makers and therefore does not license content to be downloaded onto individual devices. Use of third party applications that allow downloadable versions of ABC iView programs is therefore unauthorised and not supported in any way.”
      Source: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/iview/faq.htm

  • I’d like to know when iView will be available through Windows Media Center. I’d also like to know why they put iView on $2000 TVs, but not on Windows Media Center.
    Also, when are they going to make iView controllable with just the arrow keys (and enter/spacebar and backspace/escape)? iView really shouldn’t need to use a mouse…

  • I know of a few MythTV users who would love to be able to use iView (myself included) with only the standard remote rather than having to whip out a keyboard to navigate (which seems to be the only way I can get it to work).

  • Is the ABC likely to increase video quality? Archive shows? Why do shows only last a couple of weeks?

    How are decisions made as to which platforms get iview before others?

    what are the major hurdles of multi platform rollout? were many of these overcome after the first native applications were made, and thus should we expect to see a flurry of platforms supported, or does each new platform present the same types of difficulties over and over?

  • Better controls using the PS3 dualshock eg: play/pause using X, fullscreen a video using square, exit a menu or whatever using circle. Until it’s easier to use my wife won’t touch it without me sitting on the couch next to her…

  • Love iView and use it frequently, but I can only watch it on my PC. To be accessible on TV you have to connect your TV to a PC, or use a higher end gaming console (PS3 or X-Box). X-Box and PS3 are both expensive – especially for non-gamers. There needs to be an alternative for the non-gaming population. How about support for playing iView on media player set top boxes (I have a WD TV Live which would do nicely) or the Wii console (might make all those idle Wiis useful for something). The Wii should have enough grunt because they it supports Netflix streaming in USA. Like wise for the WD which supports Netflix (USA) as well as streaming video though Mediafly, Fingo and YouTube.

  • Also, iView is Flash only in a computer. Flash is a dog. But, iView on “connected TVs” doesn’t use flash (I understand) and iView on IOS devices can’t use flash (thanks Steve). Will there be non-flash support in the near future? If so, would this be browser based using HTML5 or application based?

  • Itd be good if you could watch an entire season of shows, like how the ninemsn website has all of that BBC stuff, why isn’t that on iview (dr who and other beeb shows that are on abc are on the msn site)

  • I would like to ask if we can have access to higher quality versions. I’d be happy to wait for it to buffer so that I can watch it on my HD TV. At the moment, the shows are painfully pixelated on my computer monitor, let alone my TV.

  • Hi would love to know any plans for the following platforms:

    1. Xbox 360
    2. Windows Media Centre
    3. iOS + Android
    4. More remote friendly web-interface for home theatre pc’s if iView isnt deployed for Windows Media Centre…

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