What iView’s Success As An App Teaches Us

What iView’s Success As An App Teaches Us

More people now watch the ABC’s iView service via iOS apps than via the iView web site. That provides a counter-argument to people who claim we don’t need or use specialised apps for individual services when a web site will do, but it also reminds us that no online provider can put all their eggs in one basket.

A press release from the ABC yesterday noted the change in habits. Last week, 45.2 per cent of iView plays came from iOS devices, with 45.1 per cent coming from the main site. (The remainder presumably come from smart TV systems connected to the network.) The ABC only released its iView app for iPhones in June (there has been an iPad version since 2010), so there has clearly been a pent-up demand to use the service. That demand is particularly evident amongst kids; 15 of the top 20 programs on the iOS viewing list were from the ABC’s Children’s content stream.

It’s easy to see that success as an endorsement of the importance of apps, but iView had already proved very successful even without that option. Adding an app has expanded its reach, but as new devices emerge, the ABC will also need to support those. Its long-term ambition remains to build an HTML5 version of the service, which will cut down on the need to maintain versions for separate platforms. In the short-term, however, singling out iOS rather than Android doesn’t seem to have done it any harm. More than 1.8 million copies of the iOS app have been downloaded, including 309,000 who have accessed the recent iPhone 5 update for the app.



  • “That provides a counter-argument to people who claim we don’t need or use specialised apps for individual services when a web site will do, …”

    Well it might if iOS users could use the website.

    It’s easy to see how people churn through their data if they’re chucking their phone at their kid to shut them up with some streamed TV!

  • When I heard the new dr who eps were going to be put on iview I thought awesome, maybe I’ll be good and not torrent this one, except the fact my android phone, my android tablet, my boyfriend’s android phone all wouldn’t work with iview, even though we have flash install etc

    So guess who illegally downloaded it?

    • If you haven’t already, try using a few different browsers, like Chrome, Firefox and Dolphin, as well as the stock app. I’ve found that some browsers have difficulty with the app site, but going through those 4 browsers should net you one that will play iview videos properly. I’ve found that they work sporadically, there’s not a browser that gives consistently perfect playback.

      But yes, pretty annoying that you have to download 4 or so apps to be able to view an ABC website on the browser.

  • “That provides a counter-argument to people who claim we don’t need or use specialised apps for individual services when a web site will do”

    No, it provides a counter-argument to people who say we don’t need an HTML5 website, when a Flash version will do.

  • You are kidding me right? If abc had built their website using any sort of standards the IOS apps would not be needed and millions of dollars would have been saved. Our tax money btw. The abc’s Misguided I distance on wasting our money on properietary systems is reprehensible at the least and corrupt at the extreme.

    • Why blame the ABC? If Apple didn’t block Flash from their devices, their website would work fine with their browsers. Remember the iView website was up and running long before mainstream browsers supported HTML5.

    • Typical shooting ones mouth off without knowing the facts.

      If they built it in HTML5 the only content they would be allowed to have on it would be there own, as there were not and probably still are not real drm solutions for HTML5 video so content providers will not license the material.

      Yeah DRM sucks, but human nature sucks more, if it cost you money to produce something you would want to make money off it wouldn’t you? so you would need to limit access to those that have paid for it, if it was HTML 5 video its essentially as easy as right click save as to save the content (instead of using rtmpdump to get the stream).

  • The faster growing and most purchased mobile OS is Android and with the current Android OS dropping Adobe Flash it would be nice to have Iview on my Nexus 7 and latest Samsung / Android phone? HTML 5 will be excellent once Microsoft stop being so closed and bloody minded so a final complete HTML 5 standard can be released that is compatible across all platforms and browsers?

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