The Future For iView: Android, Xbox, HD And More

The Future For iView: Android, Xbox, HD And More

Today Lifehacker met with Arul Baskaran, the ABC’s controller for multiplatform, and quizzed him on future plans for iView, based on the questions everyone submitted earlier in the week. It’s great that there’s now an iView iPad app, but what developments can we expect next?

Among the issues Baskaran discusses in our video interview:

  • Which platforms the ABC will move iView to next
  • Plans for offering HD content on iView
  • Will there be an HTML5 version of iView?
  • Will non-ABC developers ever get access to the iView API?
  • Why there won’t be download options on iView for the foreseeable future
  • Will the PS3 iView client be improved in 2011?


    • Time limitations, alas. That said, it’s pretty evident given that Boxee wasn’t mentioned as a focal platform that it’s not likely to happen for a while, if ever.

  • Thanks for the interview, Angus. I really want a better PS3 experience, but I know that won’t happen until Sony finally open up the PlayStation Store properly to third party developers so they can build native apps.

    But in the short term, Sony could make things a lot better quite easily by taking a different page out of Apple’s book: use the system’s media player for web video.

    How much better would iView and YouTube and Vimeo and countless other video based sites be if, on playing a video, you jumped out of the browser and in to the PS3’s marvellous video player, like happens on an iOS device?

    No more crappy Flash UI to deal with, and I’m betting the video quality would be far better too.

  • They haven’t bothered with Windows Media Center because we can just open a browser and use a mouse? That totally defeats the purpose of Windows Media Center!

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