Check That Your Prepaid Next G Data Balance Is Still Working

Earlier this year, we mentioned that you needed a software update if you wanted Tesltra's prepaid Next G broadband to actually show your data usage, rather than just a phone-like "dollars remaining" value. That's still officially the case, but it's worth double-checking to make sure that it hasn't gone awry.

Despite a fresh install of the latest Next G software, last week my own account refused to show anything other than the old-fashioned dollar balance. At one point, it wouldn't even offer a web balance, presenting what looked disturbingly like a WAP interface. Time travel might be fun, but I'd still rather know how much data I was using.

After notifying Telstra, the issue suddenly appeared to resolve itself. The official line was that nothing had changed, but I find it remarkable that it was only after contacting them that the problem disappeared. So if you're also using Next G prepaid broadband, I'd make sure you've got the latest software, and contact Telstra if it gives you only limited information, rather than measuring your data usage as well.


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