TiVo Adds Two More ISPs To Unmetered List

TiVo Adds Two More ISPs To Unmetered List

It’s always welcome news when options for accessing unmetered TV and movie content expand. TiVo has added ispONE and ComCen to the list of ISPs that offer unmetered access to its CASPA on-demand service, giving it a total of eight partners.

A quick review of the current available unmetered options across TV and on-demand providers suggests that there’s plenty of options for minimising impact on your monthly downloads:

TiVo:Adam, Apex, Comcen, iiNet, Internode, ispOne, Primus, vividwireless

ABC iView: AARNet, Adam, Apex (TransACT), Cinenet, Comcen, iiNet, Internode, iPrimus, Westnet, Spectrum Networks

FetchTV: iiNet (with Internode and Adam running trials)

BigPond Movies and Telstra video content: BigPond

Foxtel on Xbox 360 and Foxtel Downloads: Sadly, none.


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