• Internode Customers Get Some Freezone Content

    The good news? As promised when iiNet purchased Internode, unmetered Freezone content is being made available to customers of both ISPs. The bad news? It will be quite a while before iiNet’s unmetered iTunes and Xbox Live access will shift across to Internode.

  • Planhacker: Unlimited ADSL2+ Broadband Deals

    Most Australians only use 6GB of data a month, but if you’re in the group who consume 100GB or more, then an “unlimited” broadband plan can be appealing. Here’s what’s available in the unlimited space on an ADSL2+ connection.

  • Planhacker: Unlimited Broadband Deals 2011

    The concept of an “unlimited” deal has been back in the news recently, with the ACCC continuing its crackdown on providers using the term without clarification. If you can negotiate those pitfalls, an unlimited plan makes sense, and means you won’t face shaping or high excess fees. We’ve rounded up all the unlimited broadband deals…