More Dubious Claims That Android Updates Will Actually Happen

More Dubious Claims That Android Updates Will Actually Happen

Vodafone just tweeted that there will be upgrades for its Sony Ericsson X10 and X10 Mini models to Android 2.1 (Eclair) in late December. Will this be as unreliable a projection as those we’ve already heard this year from Telstra and Optus? And why not Android 2.2? Whichever carrier you favour, it seems there’s no escaping the curse of Android versioning. [Twitter]


  • Its a FAIL to hold operators responsible for Android updates as they have no real control over handset manufactures development roadmap. Direct your frustration at the likes of Sony Ericsson, HTC and Slamsung.

    And what are you really excited about in a 2.1 update for the X10, live wallpapers? WOW! Its not going to turn an average handset into a grat one…

    • If I buy the phone from the carrier then I’m sorry, but THEY are responsible to push out the firmware update. If I bought the phone from the manufacturer, then I would be pressuring them to provide the update.
      Besides, why can’t they just let me upgrade myself to the Vanilla Rom without voiding my warranty or rooting the phone?
      Answer = because they want us to buy NEW phones!
      Dave, HTC Magic (Ver 1.6) on Vodafone.

      • The problem with that is they don’t write the firmware. They are only responsible for passing on the updates from the hardware manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not release updated firmware for a device then the carrier can’t be held responsible. If it is a case where the carrier can’t be bothered and refuses to release updated firmware (which Vodafone has in the past) then we have every right to get ticked off.

      • I bought my girlfriend a 2nd hand HTC Magic when her Nokia E71 died. Rooted it and put a custom 2.2 ROM on it (cyanogenmod)- I can’t believe how well it runs. I just did it as a test, I thought it would be super slow, but left it on because it runs so well.

        Not saying that you should have to do that, but you do have the option to do that if you don’t want to be held to these companies (be it manufacturer, operator, whoever) ridiculously slow timelines.

        All hail the power of Android!

  • It is annoying when Vodafone in Europe can release Froyo for the HTC Legend but Vodafone Australia have no idea when it will be released over here.

    I think the time to root the phone is coming around quickly, especially since someone released a Vodafone ROM.

  • I just picked up an unlocked HTC Desire from Telstra. Place my Optus sim in there, and within a day, i was offered the upgrade to 2.2 over the air. Since Optus does not sell this phone, and i cannot see Telstra pushing out updates to non Telstra customers, is it safe to assume that HTC is pushing out the updates?

  • Got an imported X10 (from the UK) back in early April “on contract”. The mobile phone retailer substituted it on a $0 OPTUS Nokia N78 contract, plus the difference in value of handsets (I think it cost me $200 from memory). After daily polling for updates from the end of October, got the 2.1 notification November 3rd.

    My only gripe with the upgrade was that the Sony Ericsson backup/restore procedure failed epically. My advice to anyone still awaiting the update would be to manually export stuff you want to keep and sync your contacts with google.

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