Telstra Still Claiming Desire Froyo Update Will Happen

Nick at Gizmodo has been hassling Telstra again about the long-running Froyo update for the HTC Desire saga, and the latest claim is that the update will actually be out this week. Still no word on whether it will be an over-the-air option, and quite frankly we'll believe it when we actually see it. Update: as several commenters point out below, the update has finally arrived. [Gizmodo]


    not good enough telstra. you have been claiming you will release it for a long time now. ever hear of under promising and over delivering? use that technique next time cause frankly the rest of us are just plain pissed off at you!

    Too late - already ditched my HTC Desire for an iPhone 4.

    Gotta love that open-ness

    It's up now on

    The Froyo update for the Telstra Desire is out on the HTC website-

    And they are right. It is already available from HTC website.

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